On Questions

Largely, I find that there are two types of questions, or at least that most questions can be divided by these types. You might now wonder what I suggest these types to be.

Firstly, before mentioning them, I will need to bring up one interesting thing: After reading Eliot’s ‘Wasteland’, I almost want to try other high modernist pieces. Perhaps even get down to writing one up myself. Though, I suppose that I’m too into my own style for imitating another to ever work. Then again, one can always try.

Now, to the questions; to the types that I have noticed for myself:

  • Type 1: There are always more answers to questions than there are questions. This is because there are always several ways in which one can answer a question, even leaving aside the differences of negative-positive answers (if not through direct facts then by connotation which always swings from one side to another).
  • Type 2: There are also questions which are unanswerable. I don’t mean the questions to which one does not know the answer, but those that by their very nature are unanswerable… You might say that a question can belong here when the answer is known before asking which makes responding unnecessary. Then again, that is not a clear definition for one to fall under this category. A better one would be including only the questions which have answers which cannot be safely worded without misunderstanding them. ——- Okay, just disregard this. I did have a meaning sometime, I suppose it was lost on the way. 😛

Nothing more to add at this moment. I did manage to think this entry out, but just as this night’s dream, I’ve forgotten it.

‘Shall we ever remember what we wished to forget?’
‘Shall we ever forget what we wished to remember?’
– ‘RSVP!’

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