On Stars

 Today, in my physics class (where we were studying the properties of the stars and whatnot), I had the distinct feeling that man should do something with the stars. What can man do to the stars? What should man do to the stars? It is important to first realize what nature itself does to stars — stars are born, they grow, and in the end they die. It is all just as tragic (or even more so) as with any human that lives today, or has ever lived. It might even be considered more tragic since there are far more stars than there shall ever be humans, and every star is far more glorious than any human.

I think it was Matthew Stover who wrote something along the lines of ‘…in the end, even stars die: Their inner fire cools down, and they fade away.‘ He also compared the stars to dragons (long dead, cold dragons to dying stars, i.e.). If I had the book, I’d write the exact quote, but I’m afraid that that particular book is in some Turkish hotel’s library right now if no one has taken it for himself.

Anyways, if I thought that humans should do something with the stars, the natural conclusion was that humans should make a star supernovae prematurely (before the timely end of its lifecycle). Sure, compared to my earlier words it would seem as advocating murder, but there is currently no reason to believe (no matter how well A.C. Clarke has written of them) that there is any life on the Sun (or therefore, on any other star). Furthermore, our society (in general) is not yet at a point where we can speak of inanimate objects and ‘hurting’ or ‘murdering’ them, if we ever will.  

Let’s get down to the matter at hand: making stars supernovae. I have no knowledge (yet) how this could be done. Yet, I am an active supporter that this should be done – I do not propose our own Solar System for it, nor any other closer system, and I do think that the entire system should first be carefully explored to lessen the possibilities of destroying life (or its evolution), but these are minor issues compared to the full extent of the matter at hand.

Now, when we have reached this step you might be wondering why or how this is useful to us. This is what I find most compelling personally… I’d say that the act of making a star supernovae will prove to us humans that there are greater forces around (imagine the destruction… swiping out a star system of our own galaxy) as well as making us comprehend. Very likely… possibly not even likely, but certainly, once we supernovae a star, we will realize something new.

And I am of the utmost belief that our realization will be for the better…

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