Introduction: On My Concepts of Blogging


I have not been a particular fan of blogs, though it might be said that recently I’ve begun to appreciate their worth in both a literary and communicative form more than before. That being said, I found little use for a blog earlier on, but now (in part due to a friend’s urging as well) I’ve decided to try my luck in this innovative (for the previous century, perhaps) genre — but I won’t be posting my own activities and adventures (firstly, because if I ever write an autobiography it will be from a position that has a meaning, and secondly, because it’s simply terrible style to write only about oneself), but rather on the world, from my own perspective.

I sincerely hope that if you’ve taken the time to read this short introduction, you will also be kind enough to return for a read on whatever I will decide to elaborate on in the coming days.




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